Clarity Sound Management Earmuff

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The Clarity C1H cap-mounted earmuff improves worker safety by blocking harmful noises, while voice and signal frequencies can be heard more naturally. Clarity earmuffs provide uniform attenuation that allows speech frequencies to be heard with less distortion – combating worker isolation and overprotection on the job.


Honeywell Howard Leight™ Leightning® L3H Cap Mounted Earmuff
NRR 20, Canada Class B, Cap-Mounted


Clarity C1 - headband earmuff
NRR 20 Canada Class B



Clarity C1F - folding earmuff
NRR 20 Canada Class B



Clarity C1H - helmet earmuff
NRR 20 Canada Class B



Clarity C2 - - multiple-position earmuff
NRR 23 Canada Class B



Clarity C3 - headband earmuff
NRR 27 Canada Class B(L)



Clarity C3H - helmet earmuff
NRR 25 Canada Class B(L)