21M4400 MSA Breathing Air Cylinders

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MSA products are simple to use and maintain, whilst being highly-sophisticated devices and pieces of protective equipment.

All cylinders are manufactured and CE marked in accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC.

MSA steel compressed air cylinders meet a wide range of applications, needs, and budgets. Composite cylinders with aluminium liner, over wrapped with carbon and glass fibres, are 50 % lighter than the traditional economic steel construction. Additional safety is provided by a full choice of valve options such as integrated gauge, ratchet hand wheel to prevent unintended closing and flow restrictor in case of valve breakage.

21M4400     MSA 6 Litre / 300 Bar Composite Cylinder

21M4500     MSA 6 Litre / 300 Bar Steel Cylinder