21M4200 MSA AutoMaXX-AS Short Demand Valve

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MSA products are simple to use and maintain, whilst being highly-sophisticated devices and pieces of protective equipment.


• Maintenance-friendly design with quick-removing protective cap and limited-lubrication valve assembly
• Ergonomic hand size for right- or left-handed, gloved operation
• Swivel action on the face piece allows maximum freedom of movement
• Automatically shuts down positive pressure when removed from themask
• Activated by first breath
• Low maintenance
• MaXX plug connector
• Available in both normal and positive-pressure models

Approved to EN 137:2006.


Designed for use with the AirGo Pro this positive-pressure demand valvedelivers a sensitive response to the individual’s breathing in the toughest conditions. With its large, colored operating buttons, swivel connections, silicone line and maintenance-friendly design, this lung-governed demand valve set milestones for fire fighting around the world. Features automatic first-breath activation (depending on model), as well as automatic deactivation on separation from mask (depending on model). Available in both normal and positive pressure versions.