21M4100 MSA AirGo Pro SCBA Set (Excludes Face Mask and Demand Valve)

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• Long strap for one or two cylinders
• Backplate is ergonomically designed to keep weight close to the body’s centre of gravity
• Padded harness and hip belt for added comfort
• Easily accessible chest-level manifold includes warning signal, second connection and gauge
• Extended electronic and telemetric monitoring and communication available
• Designed to reduce stress and fatigue
• Low-cost maintenance makes this set very economical

Approved to EN 137:2006 type 2.


A superior specification SCBA set designed for the most demanding applications. Its rugged reliability and flexibility make it an ideal choice in many demanding areas. This high-quality preset provides comfortable, outstanding respiratory protection. Ruggedly reliable and flexible, it’s a popular choice for a wide range of maintenance or rescue operations, including firefighting.

Face mask, demand valve and cylinder purchased separately.